Old Guy, New Hero

Hello, People!!

How are you all doing today?

So, today I am here to talk about one of the legends of the 70s and 80s! Yes, today is old music – always new! – day.

Young Billy Ocean (source: internet)

I remember the first time I heard Billy Ocean I was in the car with my BF and he played  Continue reading

What A Beautiful Trauma, P!nk

Hello, People!!!

I wasn’t sure about whom to write about first but as Miss Fucking Perfect is a long time known of this person of mine, I’ll write about the Queen Bassey in a future post, which means today is P!NK day!!! Although it is my daughter’s favorite, no, I am not talking about the color.

Alecia Beth Moore (born 8 September 1979) better know as P!nk, started as a member of Continue reading