Put Your Records On, Girl!

Hello, People!

How are you all doing today?

Today our post is about a woman who looks like a young girl – I swear I thought she was younger than me! – and has the voice of a young girl but with a lot of soul and feelings.

Corinne Bailey Rae was part of a group called Hellen but the band didn’t go further which didn’t stop her; after a few years of being married, she started working on solo material and in 2004 she got a breakthrough. Continue reading

Hello, You Beautiful Thing: I’m Yours!

Hello, People!!

How are you all doing today?

I’m alright and ready to bring another singer for you guys and this time is a guy who, at least for me, makes me feel at easy just by his name – probably because if I hear his name I immediately think about his music and his music makes me feel relaxed and in good mood.

Born in 1977, Jason Thomas Mraz is an American singer-songwriter and he started his career playing at the coffee house Java Joe’s in the neighborhood of San Diego where he performed once a week for nearly three years. Java Joe was also the place where he recorded his live acoustic album Live at Java Joe’s – the album contain songs like 1000 Things, You and I Both and Halfway Home, performing with percussionist Rivera and Continue reading