I’ll Be Your Man If You Stay The Night

Hello, People!!!

How are you all doing today?

Today is a beautiful day, or at least I hope it will be and I am ready to present to you the third of my favorite and the second James on my list; he started his career singing after leaving the British Army and, although it wasn’t a great start, he didn’t give up and after releasing 3 singles for his first album, he hit the target and became known worldwide.

James Hillier Blount recorded his first album Back To Bedlam (2003) in Los Angeles and with the two first singles – High and Wisemen – he didn’t get much attention from the media or public but after releasing You’re Beautiful, Continue reading

He Can Take You Higher Than Here!

Hello, People!!

How are you all doing today?

First of all, I’d like to apologize for last week’s lack of post… I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible but it will happen every now and then and I won’t have an excuse to give, most of the times.

Well, here things are alright and while I was thinking about whom to write about next, it came to my mind that I love writers and singers that have the letter J as initial and I decided to share with you guys all my favorite singers with J – at least most of them. Just so you know, the favorite writer is

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