Music & I

Hello, People!!

How are you all doing?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and since before I was born music has been in my life.

My mom and dad were always involved with music somehow, my brothers are singing and playing instruments back in Brazil and my father’s side of the family is all involved with music – from the oldest person to the newest born – they all play something or sing or both!

I grew up singing – and cliché as it is! – at church and used music as a tool to learn English; never been to a Music School as a student, although I worked in one for a couple of years.

Singing has always been a passion of mine and, as the person who gives me more support says, it brings me to life; music lights me up and throw music I can share my emotions and deepest feelings.

My biggest inspirations until recently were Whitney Houston and Céline Dion but then I ‘met’ Shirley Bassey and I figured that I was missing everything about music until that moment (not talking trash about my girls but… There is perfect and then there is Shirley!)!

Music is like a magic box, the kind that contains several other boxes inside and whenever you open one, it surprises you even more than the one before and this is what I want to bring to my singing: surprise after surprise!

My proposal on this website is to present my work as a covering singer (I’m in a band called Born At 10, see, my passion about music and, in the near future, some of my personal work as well.

I hope you enjoy the space and the time with me… And the good music, of course!