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First of all, I’d like to apologize for last week’s lack of post… I’ll try to avoid that as much as possible but it will happen every now and then and I won’t have an excuse to give, most of the times.

Well, here things are alright and while I was thinking about whom to write about next, it came to my mind that I love writers and singers that have the letter J as initial and I decided to share with you guys all my favorite singers with J – at least most of them. Just so you know, the favorite writer is

James Patterson and you should check his work if you hadn’t yet.

And as last time we had Jason Mraz, this week I am going to write about the first of the James and this one I had the enormous pleasure of seeing live and he is such an amazing performer – sings, dances, entertains… Surely will go see him again on his next tour.

James Morrison Catchpole is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Rugby, Warwickshire and his debuting single You Give Me Something became a hit in Europe – it made top five in the UK, Australia, Japan and Iran and it was #1 in New Zealand…

I’m getting ahead of myself with the whole thing… Let me start this tale from the beginning.

Morrison had a difficult childhood due to poverty and illness and he attributes his distinctive voice to the whooping cough he contracted when he was a baby and had him nearly killed – doctors gave him a 30% chance of survival but nevertheless they believed that if he survived he’d be severely brain damaged.


James Morrison (source: internet)

He survived but life didn’t become any easier and when he was four his parents got divorced and he suffered from low self-esteem at school for choosing music over sports.

“The best thing is I’ve got memories of being a kid there and the worst thing is I’ve got memories of being a kid there.” (Morrison about his hometown)

His musical influence derives from his parents – his mother was a fan of soul and his father a fan of folk and country; he says the first time he heard Stevie Wonder’s voice he was close to tears and has, since, been fascinated by the way he uses his voice.

Now, back to where we were before…

source: internet

With You Give Me Something he got known worldwide and his first album Undiscovered (2006) received positive reviews and topped the UK Albums Chart on its first week of release, and by the end of 2006 it had sold over one million copies around the world, what made Morrison the best-selling male solo artist of 2006 in the UK and it debuted in the US at #24 with 24,000 copies in the first week.

In 2007 he was nominated for 3 BRIT Awards – Best British Make Solo Artist, Best British Breakthrough and Best British Single Shortlist – winning the Solo Artist.

For Jason Mraz album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, Morrison collaborated on the track Details In The Fabric (which I love, btw!).

Songs For You, Truths For Me (2008) is the second album Morrison recorded; the album features the song Broken Strings, a duet with Nelly Furtado and the album debuted top 3 in the UK Albums Chart and spent 5 weeks in the top 10.

“The music had ‘moved on’ a lot from the first album but not to the point where fans of his previous album wouldn’t be able to ‘get it’” (Morrison about his second album).

With its first single, You Make It Real, Morrison got his third top ten hit and with the second single being Broken Strings he got his fourth top ten hit and, after ups and downs, the album finally entered the chart at #1 and Morrison got his second number one album.

The third album, The Awakening (2011) includes the duet with Jessie J on the song Up and personal events in the life of the singer – among them, becoming a father and losing his own due to alcoholism and depression – reflects on the album.The single, I Won’t Let Go says a lot by itself.

source: internet

After staying a while away from the scenes, Morrison returned with his fourth album Higher Than Here (2015) and the album had three singles released: Demons, Stay Like This and I Need You Tonight.


Name: James Morrison Catchpole
Born: August 13, 1984 (33y)
Occupation: Singer, songwriter
Musical Genres: Soul, pop rock
Instruments: Vocals, guitar
Years Active: 2006 – present
Biggest Hits: You Give Me Something, Broken Strings
Relationship: Gill Catchpole (spouse)

James Morrison and spouse Gill Catchpole (source: internet)

As I said, I’ve been to one of his concerts for the Higher Than Here Tour and I really would love seeing him again for all the reasons previously mentioned and I’d surely suggest you’d follow him on his official website and FB official page to keep up with the news on his tours and new releases and collaborations.

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