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Well, I said I was going to talk about her – the queen, the greatest voice and singer I’ve ever heard! – in a future post and I guess this is the future I was talking about.

I admit: I didn’t know her until few months ago but one sunny Saturday morning, my BF was listening to James Bond’s songs and he asked me if I knew who she was and I said no, so he played This Is My Life and the moment I heard her voice I thought that I missed everything about music until that moment. Since then I can say, for sure: “There’s perfect and then there is Shirley!”

Shirley started her career at a very young age – only 16! – but she had to stop because of her first pregnancy but she didn’t give up and few years later, she got her first number one hit, As I Love You  – I love this song! – and since then, many hits followed her first one.

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She is most known, thou, for her James Bond’s themes: Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Moonraker (1979); watching a non-authorized documentary on her career, the writer of the song Diamonds Are Forever says he told Bassey to imagine that she was talking about a penis while singing– guess that was a good advice because Bassey is the only singer with 3 Bond’s themes on her achievement list.

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Among her several amazing recordings, my favorite is the first song I’ve heard from her: This Is My Life – originally the Italian La Vita -, and shocking: although the song became one of her signature songs, the album wasn’t a success when it came out in 1968; following on the favorite songs comes Never, Never, Never – another Italian song: Grande, grande, grande,  As Long As He Needs Me, As I Love You and Climb Ev’ry Mountain and her cover of My Way but I’m not gonna lie: it is very difficult to pick a Top 6 when it comes to her because she has so many good songs.

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Shirley built a successful career throughout the years and she has received many awards over the years – the latest two this year.

The queen! (source: internet)

With a total of 37 studio albums, the last one released in 2014 Hello Like Before, Shirley is still performing and she is showing that Diamonds Are Forever – because her voice is a diamond, that is for sure, so, make sure to check on the most famous Welsh singer of the last decades and enjoy her strong, powerful voice.

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And, to my surprise, during my researches I found out that she not only listens to, but she also sings P!nk’s songs; in 2006 she made a cover of Get The Party Started and in 2007 she released a remixes album named after that song.

To see more about her, visit her official website: and follow her youtube channel:

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